Save Gmail Attachments Directly to Google Drive Using Google chrome extension

Google is adapting quite well with latest technologies and Google Drive is another product in their already well equipped Products.If you are not aware about Google Drive, its a cloud computing service launched by Google few days back to compete with Dropbox and SkyDrive.
Since it is a product from Google we can expect it to be integrated with other services from the search engine giant. As of now you can directly open and save Google Docs files in you Google Drive account but what about email attachments?. They shouldn't be ignored Right?. There is no official update regarding the time-frame in which Gmail and Google Drive will be integrated but a chrome developer has made an extension that will fulfill this purpose.
Gmail Attachments To Drive is a Google chrome extension developed by Josh Sullivan and is available for download in Chrome app store.

Here are Steps Save Gmail Attachments Directly to Google Drive :

1.Download and install Gmail Attachments To Drive addon for chrome.
2.Now open Login into your Gmail account and open any mail with document (pdf,docx etc) attachment.
3.Now you will noticeSave to Drivejust below your attachment.Click on it and your file will automatically get stored in Google Drive.

However the extension only supports documents like pdf,docx,rtf etc and it cannot save videos and compressed files like .rar or .zip files directly to Google drive.For these type of documents you have to perform the task manually.

So just try out this extension and leave your feedback via comments and Share with your friends
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