Hide Wall Posts from Specific People on Facebook

There are many things you does not want some or other people to know about you ,Facebook allows you to hide wall post from specific people and it is very useful So lets go.
 To hide a wall post from your specific friend; You just need to change a little privacy settings. Let's see how can we hide wall posts from specific people on facebook. 
  • Login to your facebook Account.
  • Go to Your Profile page and add a photo, link or a Status to your Wall post.
  • Don't click on share, Click on the box next to the share button.
  • Choose Customize, a box will appear like this.
  • You can see two options 'Make this Visible to' and 'Hide this from'.
  • Below 'Make this visible to' option You can see ‘These People’ click on it. A drop down menu will appear.  
These four options will appear:
Friends of Friends
Friends Only
Specific People
only me
  • Select Specific People from menu and now a box appear like this.
  • You don't need to type your friend full name, type some alphabets of your friend name and your friend name appears in the box select it (if you want to add more people to see your wall post add other friends names.)
  • Now Save Setting.
    If you want to hide a wall post or photo from some specific people open the box and see the 2nd option Hide this from, These people. You have to mention their names and save settings. 

    Note: If you want to make this setting your default setting. At the end of the box you can see the Option ‘Make this my default setting’. Tick right on it and save settings. Now every time you post something to your wall these friends which you add from setting only can see your posts and status updates. No other friends can see your wall posts.
       So enjoy it now and share with friends 
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