Mozilla Firefox 29.0 Review

Recently Mozilla introduced their Stable version of Firefox 29.0 which is a fast, lighter, Highly Interactive Interface,Customizable with new Graphical Interface which is simple and effective  which is also human friendly interface with lot of new stuffs.

The main difference we can see in this update is that the redesigned curved tabs and a slimmed down tab bar with makes the browser more beautiful and stylish .

Other thing to notice is that the background color difference between currently active tab and background tabs which is lightly colored same as rest of the window and the change in color when mouse cursor is placed over the tabs.

The  Stable version is highly customizable and personalized  , There is an option for customization in the menu where you can customize the look and feel of the browser according to your need which is very useful tool which make it fast and easier to access the feature you uses most.

I used Full screen tools which offers a good look of the whole web page and easy interface ,This option will be good for touch users.

Instead of old drop down menu the Stable update comes up with a group of customizable buttons providing access to useful features easily.

The new  update introduces improved sync feature which will enable the user to take all your bookmarks and plugins safe with you anywhere. It is easier to setup and to add multiple devices.

I think the stable version will be more stylish, fast and with easy customizable UI .

The new Update can be found here :Firefox 29 which is a free, open source available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android

UPDATE : The new Firefox 29 stable version is released

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