How To Remove Shortcut Virus from Pen drives

As the use of Pen drives and flash drives increases,viruses are spreading easily through them. One among them is shortcut virus which creates shortcut of the files and folders and hides them.Many of my friends got this problems and came to be for a solution so i thought it might me useful  if i publish about removing a shortcut virus using no software's and using an easy way 

1.First of all insert your pen drive or memory card into your PC 

2.You can see that there are many shortcuts created in your pen drive(Sometimes you cannot even open the files)

3.Go to command prompt by using windows key + R and type cmd int it

4.Click OK and cmd will be opening

5.In that type  attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:\*.*   where g is your pen drive letter if the pendrive letter is h use
  attrib -h -r -s /s /d h:\*.*  instead

6.Make sure that you have ticked show hidden items. Now all the files which are hidden will be opened.

7.Delete the shortcut  virus with extension   *.Ink  and use a good antivirus to remove the viruses and make your pen drive clean.

8.This method can also be used for showing hidden files from pen drive.

I advice to use a good antivirus software like Kaspersky , Norton, MalwareBytes   etc...

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