Smart Sleep

Schedule shutdowns/reboots. Easy to use shutdown manager. Powerful shutdown scheduler

Smart SleepSmartSleep is a powerful shutdown utility and shutdown scheduler. It's simply designed for shutting down computer at a specified time. You can also schedule these tasks, so it can turn off your PC every Sunday at 18:00 and so on. However, SmartSleep can do way more than that!

SmartSleep supports these operations: Shutdown, log off, reboot, black screen, hibernation, suspend, file execution and display message. But that's not all, SmartSleep offers many additional functions, like atomic clock synchronization - you may synchronise your clock online with atomic clock, so your time is always accurate.

Unique functions and usability

SmartSleep (the shutdown utility) have some really neat functions - you may display black screen during countdown so you can save life of your monitor. Another excellent feature is slow decrease of sound volume, so if you are listening to music before falling asleep, you will absolutely love this! It's very rare and original feature. With SmartSleep you may force all applications to quit during shutdown, even those which aren't responding, so it will turn off your PC always! Unlike in many other applications, you may also set-up date and seconds, so PC is turned off exactly when you want!
SmartSleep also have a clear and easy to use interface that supports minimizing to system tray. It can be launched automatically at system startup and remembers everything you set it too. You may set-up time by absolute time (16:30:26) or by relative time (12 minutes from now).
Shutdown scheduling is powerful, you may add unlimited tasks. Tasks can be performed once, every day, or on specified days (For example, only at: Monday and Thursday, only weekends, all days expect Friday etc). You may easily turn scheduling on/off in options and individual tasks can be turned on/off with checkboxes upon them. Shutdown scheduling is extremly useful. For example, you may set 'lunch reminder' to 12:00 every day expect weekend, start program to clear your system at Sunday 21:00 and turn off your computer at 22:00 every weekend. Automatically! As useful as it can be.
SmartSleep can launch any program before performing shutdown and wait specified amount of time. You can also launch internet links and shell commands. For example, you can launch shell command 'net' with parameters 'send /users ShuttingDown!!!' - this will send message to all users connected to your computer so they can disconnect.

Shutdown manager and much more!

  • Supports: Shutdown, log off, reboot, hibernate, suspend, execute file, black screen, display message
  • Slow decrease of sound volume before shutdown - listen to music at evening
  • Timer with relative (12 minutes from now) and absolute (12:15:00) time setup
  • Powerful scheduling, operations can be performed at specific days of the week
  • Atomic clock synchronization
  • Display black screen while waiting for shutdown - save life of your monitor
  • Shutdown forcing - your PC will be shut down ALWAYS!
  • Confirmation window with custom time out, no accidents!
  • SmartSleep can be launched every time when your PC boots up
  • Minimizing to SystemTray

           Download SmartSleep 3.62 now(24 hours)
           download from  here 
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