Genie Timeline Home 2.1 (24 hours)

 Genie Timeline Home 2.1 is a simple, innovative solution for Windows users that will revolutionize the way people handle backup. The purpose of Genie Timeline 2.1 is to offer all Windows users a simple and easy, automated, powerful solution to perform continuous data protection. With just three simple steps you are able to set up an automated, seamless backup.

Simple and Easy:· Setup is done in 3 simple steps during which you can choose to use smart selections or customize data to backup through a friendly user interface.
· The simplicity of Timeline revolutionizes the term “set it and forget it.”

Disaster Recovery:
· Restore your system and data even if your operating system no longer loads. You are given the option to create a bootable startup disk in a virtual partition, USB drive, or ISO image.

Intelli Continuous Data Protection (CDP):
· Data is continuously backed up depending on file types. Genie Timeline intelligently backs up files, such as documents, more frequently than large virtual images.
· You are also given the ability to set the time interval between each backup.

· Go back in time with Genie Timeline and recover old files, whether through Timeline explorer or the search feature.
· Genie Timeline saves past versions of your documents which you can revert back to easily.

Block Level Backup:
· Using block level technology, Genie Timeline determines and backs up only new and modified sections of files; saving both time and space.

· Genie Timeline runs on different modes depending on PC usage. You can choose to run in Smart Mode which slows down or speeds up according to CPU usage or Turbo Mode which runs at fastest speed.
· Power Saving Mode slows down Timeline when on the go and Game/Movie Mode pauses backup while playing a game or
· watching a movie.

Data Types:
· Backup a wide variety of data such as E-mails, Documents, Desktop, Office files, eBooks, Bookmarks, Pictures, Videos & Music.

Backup Breakdown:
· Capacity and distribution of data types are displayed in informative charts. You can easily get a clear picture and understand details of what is being backed up.

Merges with Windows:
· Genie Timeline is merged into Windows. You can add/exclude files, or view deleted files and all versions with a simple right click.
· Timeline also integrates a slider into the familiar folder view, where you can easily roll back your data to any point in time.
  • Disaster Recovery: You are also given the option to create a bootable startup disk
  • Now supports iPhone/iPad/iPod and Blackberry phone backups
  • Versions: Backups are kept for the past 4 hours, hourly backups for the past 48 hours, daily backups for the past week, and weekly backups onwards
  • It runs in different performance modes: Turbo mode, Smart mode, Game/Movie mode, and Power Saving mode
Simply, Genie Timeline 2.1 is the solution to keep users protected at all times with the ability to go back in time to view and restore files as they existed in the past.
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