Are Your Emails Been Tracked

Many Sales Companies and Support Companies may track down you through using small images and pixels to get your ip information and location and to see whether you had opened their mail.This trackers start working when you have opened their email sent to you.It can only be stopped by not opening the mail.There are many softwares like Streakgetnotify that allows user to track their emails.

You can Use Two methods for not being Tracked :

Method 1:

This method is simple and inbuilt in Gmail where you can disable displaying images

Step 1 : Go to Settings in gmail.

Step 2 : Under the General tab. Goto the images  Click on Ask before displaying external images.

Method 2 :

This method is done by using a extension available in Google Chrome and soon be available on Firefox.

Ugly Mail is a Gmail Extension which checks whether the mail is been tracked.It sniffs through all emails and check for tracks and if a tracker is found the mail is displayed with an evil eye symbol so you can easily identify them,

To install Ugly Mail follow the Steps:

Step 1:  Open Google Chrome browser.

Step 2:  Go to Ugly Mail.

Step 3: Click on Green box Download Chrome.

Step 4: The Google Extension page is opened .Click Add to Chrome.

The next time onwards you can see a evil eye near tracked emails so you can decide whether to open it or not.

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