Bad Tech Habits You Should Avoid

Are you a tech freak or technology lover then check out whether you are doing these mistakes,which will effect system badly

1. Same Password for every account

As we need to remember different passwords for different accounts we usually uses a single password for many accounts.This is a worse habit which should be changed.
If  an hacker hacks to one of your account ,then he can also access other accounts with the same password 

To avoid this use different passwords for different accounts,if not able to remember use password managers like Sticky password (which i recommend).
There many other password manager like Last Pass , KeePass etc

2. Not Changing password regularly

Change the password regularly.Experts say that change your password after 30 to 60 days.It makes your password more vulnerable to the hacker.

3. 2-Step Verification for secure you accounts

Use 2-step verification for important accounts like Gmail, Dropbox etc.After entering password you should also verify the SMS which is sent to your  mobile which will increase the level of your accounts  security and is safe from hackers

4. Delete unwanted pictures,videos and useless files

Storing unwanted music,pictures and useless files takes a lot of your phone ROM and memory,and hence reduce the speed
The Better thing is to store all these to a cloud storage like Dropbox , Google Drive etc.

5. Sitting in front of your PC for a long time

Sitting in front of a PC while working causes many health problems   like Back pain,Obesity,Muscular problems ,Diabetics  etc
To avoid this:
1. Take a short breaks in between your work
2. Maintain correct body posture
3. Wash your eyes regularly to avoid dryness
4. Keep Monitor in good position

6. Forgetting to log out

Don't forget to log out before you leave any system even your on personal system.
Gmail now provides a feature to log out from other session if you have forgot to log out

Please do not click remember your password when you are using some others system

7. Do not restart often 

Do not try to restart your system if it gets stuck or slow let the PC automatically recover form it.
if you restart always the background processes get stopped and causes slowing of your system

8. Update Regularly

Update your operating system,'s ,drivers and even your phone OS this will increase the security as for each updates the OS removes its vulnerability and many fixes are done

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