Right Click Context Menu Slow On Windows 8/8.1

Many are facing a problem on update from windows 8 to windows 8.1  that while right clicking on  files it  is delayed to open the menu. I too had this problem , it was working right when i on my Bluetooth.So i tried troubleshooting and found a solution to it which is given below

Solving Right Click Problem:

1.First of all open the msconfig using search charm bar on the right end or using windows shortcut
press  WIN + R to open the run 


2.Type msconfig in the run box and press Ok , a new window named System Configuration  is opened

3.Now go to Services in which you can see the services running in your pc.
4.At the bottom left  there is a check box to Hide all microsoft services check it so that a tick mark appears 
5.Now all the  services other than by Microsoft are shown 

6.Click On Disable all  then click Apply and the Ok

7. Then a dialog box appears asking whether to restart or exit without restart 

8.Click on Restart, now your PC shutdowns and  restarts

9.After Restarting you can see the changes and your right click problem will be solved

If you have any further problems please make sure to comment . Please share this to whom facing right click problems so that they can be benefited  

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