Audials One 9 Special Edition

Audials One 9 Special Edition
Audials One 9 Special Edition lets you locate, record, download, and convert music and video quickly, legally, and at no cost. With Audials One 9 Special Edition, just enter your preferred genre, artist, album, or song title, and the program will find what you're seeking on any one of 60,000 Internet radio stations or via direct download from a website. As you're listening to your tracks, Audials One 9 Special Editionrecords the tune and saves it as an MP3 file. It doesn't even matter how you're listening - Audials One 9 Special Editionwill capture the song from a website, a stream player, or any of the music portals.
And just as handy as Audials One 9 Special Edition is with music, it's just as ready to handle video! If you're using a browser or streaming video player that allows recordings,Audials One 9 Special Edition will display a button. Click that button, and that video is saved in your preferred format! Your copy is in the original size with no impact to video quality. You can even create safeguarded copies of protected movies and videos, thanks to re-recording functions.
All of the recordings that you make with Audials One 9 Special Edition can be converted for playback on any PC, smartphone, tablet, game console, or portable device. So, stop paying for your entertainment, and join the revolution with your own copy of Audials One 9 Special Edition!
Audials One 9 Special Edition Features Overview:
  1. RADIO – Record and Listen to Internet Radio Stations
  2. MUSIC SEARCH – search the Internet for songs and music videos
  3. MUSIC WISHES – fulfilled via automatic targeted radio recordings
  4. MUSIC TV – receive and watch Music TV
  5. PODCASTS – load and enjoy podcast programs
  6. AUDIO STREAMING – record music streams and record songs individually
  7. VIDEO STREAMING – record and save video streams
  8. CONVERTER & DVD-RIPPER – convert audio and video files, and rip DVDs
  9. MEDIA CENTER – enjoy your media anywhere on your smartphone or with cloud storage

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