Updated Google Drive with Sync status for PC and Mac

Google drive coming with 15 GB of free storage used for secure storage of files and access using multiple device has updated recently with new and advanced user friendly features.The drive is updated by giving users  more control over their uploading file.

The latest update include bandwidth limiter and sync status information.

The bandwidth limiter allows us to limit the bandwidth usage of the drive for synching which helps you while streaming movies or gaming online.

The Bandwidth limiter can be set by switching to Preferences and then to Advanced tab  

Bandwidth limiter

The new menu with the upload progress while synching with our Google drive account is yet another update with a user friendly interface.


It shows a tick mark for each successfully synched file along with a status synched which let us know whether the sync was successful or not.

Another interesting update is that we can share recently uploaded files with ease just by hovering over the files.
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Google Drive is one of the emerging online file storage system similar to Dropbox and mega
if you never tried using Google Drive , You can download and try using this link Google drive.

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