Expand Your Laptop Battery Life

After the laptop been charged fully ,the average battery life will be between one to six hours depending on the battery,its capacity,and the programs which are running.I uses laptop during my classes and i was frustrated having low battery life and without the charger .So i used these tips to extend my laptops battery life which i am sharing with you.

1.Decrease the brightness of the screen :

The Screen Display is the biggest power consuming thing.Reduce the brightness of the laptop screen to lowest level which is comfortable  to your eyes

2. Mute\Reduce the volume :

Reduce the volume while playing music or movies ,this conserves your battery


3. Switch Windows to Power Saver mode :

Click the battery icon on right side of the desktop menu,then click more power options.then choose power saver.This will shut off the screen after a particular period of inactivity and will put laptop in sleep if not used within a certain period of time

4 . Turn Off WiFi and Bluetooth :

If you are not using Bluetooth and WiFi devices then turn them off.This is because these devices search for access points which consume a lot of battery.


5. Unplug External Devices and USB:

External Devices ,USB Drives and CD Rom uses a lot amount of power which will reduce the battery life.
So try removing USB and CD Rom  and External Devices which are plugged in.


6. Close Unwanted Application :

  Unwanted Application add to the CPU load and cut down battery life.  Close everything that isn’t crucial when you’re on battery.

7.Change Old Battery :

Change old battery with a new one ,After a long usage the battery cannot store energy as before as it degrades so change to a new one

8.Hibernate instead of Sleep :

When in sleep  the laptop uses power to power the RAM and memory.When the system hibernates it saves its system state to the disk and power off using almost no power.
So use hibernate if you are not using the laptop for a long time.

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