A quick and deep PC cleanwith registy booster 2012

Registry errors typically accumulate over time and extensive PC use, and one quick and efficient way of finding out how many your PC has stored over 2011 (and previous years) is by running a free scan with RegistryBooster 2012.

There are several benefits you could gain from the RegistryBooster scan:
  • Fast download and installation process
  • Automatic scan run by a highly reliable registry scanning engine
  • Free detailed report listing all registry errors identified in the scan

Windows registry errors also significantly impact the performance speed of you computer. Start a free scan for Windows registry errors to discover if registry clutter is burdening your PC.

RegistryBooster allows you to...

*Quickly clean all reported registry errors with a simple click.
*Safely remove traces left in your system by uninstalled applications or software.
*Decrease the possibility of registry corruption.
*Safeguard the PC registry by using the backup and restore functionalities.
*Organise Windows in a compact manner by means of registry defragmentation.
*Streamline overall system efficiency.

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