Decrease Size Of PDF, Word Document

PocoDoc is an advanced optimization tool, which cuts the bloat and intelligently compresses images making your files smaller, faster and more manageable. In addition, the files stay in their original format. PocoDoc shrinks the size of your files while keeping all images at the highest quality possible based on youre selection of optimization level. You can reduce some files up to 98% of their original size, while maintaining functionality and the highest quality.

If your file contained only text then there is no need of going for the high levels of the compression as it might distort the text or the data in the file, but if you have got huge number of images in your file such as the PPT presentation files, they have loads of images in their files which can be processed under high compression without much of a worry, as they will only be compressing the size of the image thus preserving the text of your document.

Once you click the optimize button then this tool will upload one copy of this document on their server, before doing so they will surely display you the message of uploading a copy of that document on to the server and after that they will compress it and then you will receive the file on the same location of the source file. The tool is little heavy as it has got the size of around 50 MB

If you'd like to make your files smaller and more manageable without destroying the contents of your document, give PocoDoc" Lite a try.

Download PocoDoc Lite

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